Professional photo retouching and composition

Professional photo retouching and composition
Delivery Time: Up to 3 days
Service Includes: Multiple Revisions
Max Revisions: 2
License Type: Limited

I’m a photo editor with over 5 years of experience in the high-end portrait field, I’m here to pull out the best of your pictures with a professional retouching service. I’m always looking forward to achieving natural results, and I’m willing to hear any specific details you’d like to point out before the process begins: Good communications, excellent results. The editing is done primarily through Photoshop, and I can work with RAW-derived files or any type of image file (JPG/PNG/TIFF/Etc).

**Golden Rule: If you share a high-quality image(s), the final product will be better**

My service includes:

Professional Photo Retouch(Corporate/Family/Beauty)

Natural Skin Treatment (even out tones/texture)

* Color or Greyscale Grading

* Scruffy Hair Removal

* Hair Fill-in

Teeth Whitening

Eyes’ Irises Color Enhancement

Lazy Eye Fix

Fashion Photo Edit (Clothes wrinkles or flaws removal)

* Body or Face Reshape (Gig extra)

* Transparent Background // Background Changing(Gig extra)

Crop & Resize


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